Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So far ... here we are

It has been like 6 months after we've shown ourselves to public compares to 6 years back in year 2002 where we 1stly starts ( not as Bintang Batu la.) . Back to the story, so now we've played gigs here n there. Places like Melaka, Bukit Jelutong, Klang Valley and most by far distance, Sabah. Still not to be forgotten Klang Valley area such as Cantumas Cafe, Setiawangsa...Paul's Place, Old Klang Road(which i bet every newbies like us must have been there even once..=D its like a kickstart place~!).. Lepaq Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas and few upcoming venue somewhere around Klang Valley area(Please refer to our updates schedule).

We've published for like 250 pcs of our 1st Ep's. Some of em were given away for promo purposes and the rest is consider our sales. Due to our experience, there are places that hv made us shocked. By assuming that we aren't able to sell our Ep's for more than 10pcs, only 40 copies we brought to the show. Later, not even before the show starts, Bintang Batu Ep's have been sold out!! What really attracts us is not just the sold out cd's, its actually the spirits and interest that the crowds there have shown us! We are so honoured to have performed there. We heart all u guys out there if u were reading this writings.

After each gigs, the figures in our MySpace have increased abruptnessly. We would like to take advantage here to thanks those who had send thier request, sending us mails and droppin thier comments even for just saying Hi!. For us, this growth is all because of you guys out there, the crowd who choose to stayed, listened and watched our shows.. those who have approach and handshakes with us,.those who had wrote and spread about us to public or friend..those who have the guts and efforts to bought products from an indiependent artist like us,.. and not to b forgotten, to those who had helped us a lot which is our buddies. Since dari proses rakaman lagi, dan sehinggalah ke hari ini dan tidak putus menyokong. U guys know who u are. N so does our new mates yang baru mula menyokong. May we continue this rope of ours.

As what we can see, there's a lot of band out of there is trying to survived in our beloved country, Malaysia. Lots of genre, lots of styles, plenty of attitude, numberless of band webpage, colourfull clothing labels, many new multi-talented organiser, new rising venues and many2 positive point of view can be seen. We are so proud that nowadays, people are more open to accepts all this new changes and enhancement. Well, there are some negative or some might says,' Inside a bucket full of apple, there's always a bad rotten one'. But yet we still thanks those so called bad apple, for making us alerts and to have improved ourselves from time to time. Imagine if there's no negative things happened in our lines of life... what are we about to change in ourselves? coz we seems to have expected all good things rather than the bad one. So, accept the indie bands as the way they are. And we support all of them either clothing label or bands. Tak kisah la baru ke lama ke.. 'Unite' is such a big words to used maybe, so let us called it a rope which made us attached to each other. Mudah2han tak mudah terputus.

Sorry for any uneasy feelings towards this long writing or towards us.. for us, we have deleted all the hatred, envy, jealousy or what ever viruses coz sape pon kami setakat hari ini,, it's all because of kamu dan kamu semua. Last but not least, soon kami akan release out 1st Tee's lagipon dah ramai antara kalian yang bertanya. perhaps kalau tak ada aral,d Showcase Bintang Batu at Lepaq cafe this coming 23rd August, we will launch our 1st tees...hopefully sempat siap. Kalau tak perhaps lepas dari tarikh tu la. So ok guys, thanks for reading.

Till Then, Peace~!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Camner nk bli???

jez scroll kt bwh skali~

meh ler borak2 kt myspace kitorng~ kitorng slalu on9 dow.... jom arr!!! picit jer link nih
  • myspace

    klu korng nk dgr lgu Bintang Batu yg len...korng bole p amp.channelv... bnyk lgu kitorng kt saner. picit jer link nih

Lagu Bintang Batu yang korng bole trus donlod... picit jer link trus bole dpt... slamat berdansa~

Gigs akan datang!!!

KUALA LUMPUR - 18 Jun 2007

1st gig kitorng telah sukses diadakn di Paul's Place, Jln Klang Lama (area PJ).
Gig Chantek

GIG yang diberi nama Chantek Macam Bunga nih dibintangi oleh 16 band...pergh...sume kaw2 nyer...

time tuh Ambobzella x men drum... ingtkn dia der perfom ngn HUJAN, tp dia free. Ari tuh drummer CODA Ijam men untk kitorng... dasyat dia beb!!! Sgt trimas to Ijam n also to CODA coz bg laluan utk Bintang Batu trus hidup~ tp yg lgi best nyer Ambobzella pon dtg beb!!! siap bli tiket lgi tuh..pergh...Am yg amik video time Bintang Batu perfom ari tuh...nnt kitorng upload kt Youtube...

kitorng kt saner tlh meng lunch kn 1st E.P kitorng... Epik no.1 tajuknyer. So secara x lngsung, kitorng secara paksa rela tlh bg free CD kt bebrapa org yg dtg...

Alangkh terkejut beruk jugak lah kami... time perfom tuh, ramai yg memberi sokongan moral n sapot sampai abis perfom, walaupun tiada sorng pon dr mereka yg memberikn bantuan kewangn. hohoho. korng memg gempak abis... rase nak giget jer rambot korng...best dow.

kitorng men 4 lgu jer... 3 dr E.P... n 1 dr lgu bru. Kesian kt Acap, Hazaini (Romancesa) n Zam (TFL)... dorng nk lgu Blalang kunyit tuh tp kitorng x menpon...sori geng~ nnt kitorng men lgu tuh next porfom...promise.;p

Sumber - BERNAMA

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Suatu nama yang terbit daripada zarah-zarah seni setiap nadi BINTANG BATU. Menjadikan tiang hati si pencinta muzik ini tetap gah, walhal hanya berbekalkan secebis bakat yang masih kabur akan perisanya.


Cara 1

senng jer... p pos ofis, bli money order RM8.00 (RM5 cd + RM3 pos laju)...

pas2, anta ke addrs nie...

21-10-5 Teratai Mewah

Jln Langkawi, Setapak Indah

53000 Kuala Lumpur

(u.p- Shyful Roland Ilyias)

Cara 2

or jez bankin kt

CIMBank no. acc 14230021993525 (nama cam kt atas).

Da bankin SMS aku kt 0163569000 bg alamat n nama penuh...

tp klu bankin kena msukkn RM10... tp aku kn pulngkn balancenyer time pos cd nnt...

Cara 3

Trun gigs Bintang Batu ikut jadual yg tertera dikaca monitor anda...

(kt page myspace BintangBatu la...huhuhuhu)

Publish Post

*JANGAN LUPER BAGI NAMA & ALAMAT PENUH KORANG!!! KANG X SAMPAI LAK...hohoho*penghantaran amik masa 2-3hari dari date kitorng dpt info & fulus...sayang korng!!! Bintang Batu